Sunday, September 13, 2015

7 things you could not guess about me

1. I was stopped by soldiers in Uganda and forced to spend the night in a refugee camp. At a different location I was arrested by soldiers the next day but quickly released. The journalist I was with did an award winning documentary that aired multiple times on CNN EspaƱol, La Otra Cara de Africa.

2. I got lost in an abandoned coal mine is Pennsylvania but later discovered signs I had left for myself.

3. I rappelled into a 180 foot deep subsidence crack in Harlan County.

4.  I once preached for an all night worship service for native Americans in a remote reservation in Costa Rica. I has no advanced warning. The next morning I had the privilege to baptize converts in a mountain stream.

5. I once had to evacuate a Wall Mart due to a dangerous construction situation I was engineer on.

6. I toured a multi-story shanty town in the Philippines suspended by ropes under a bridge and over a river.

7. I have been held at gunpoint twice in my life, once surveying in the mountains of West Virginia and once in item number 1 above. I can't count the time union thugs pointed a 45 at my vehicle after I refused to stop.

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