Sunday, April 14, 2019

borrowed or stolen

Borrowed or Stolen?

Today is Palm Sunday. My mind is drawn to the anonymous provider of Jesus transportation. Who was he (or she) ? Why would Jesus borrow without asking? Did this person know Jesus personally?

Inferences and Assumptions

If Jesus and the disciples had taken a meal or lodged with the donor previously, Jesus would have used the person’s name. My assumption is the donor of the donkeys was unknown to Jesus by name.

What if the owner said “no”? It would have thrown out of kilter a plan the Bible says had been millennium in the making. God’s most important event relied upon the good will of one anonymous donor.

I have been and still am collecting money for orphans in Africa. It is a humble, grass roots effort. Last weekend we had an event for what we expected was 45 orphans but 75 arrived. The most recent addition to the role are seven children whose parents were poisoned.

I would like to honor an anonymous (to you not to me) donor who gave me a check for $25 as a way to honor all the donors to all God’s works around the globe.  God bless you.

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