Wednesday, November 29, 2017

stick man vanquished

Stick Man Vanquished

As I was walking to county Fair,
I met a man who wasn't there.
Though he never spoke to me,
I begged his pardon, my failure to see.
He was however rather uncivil,
So with the stranger I did quibble.
"Will you not reply to me?
And acknowledge my apology?"
You may think me a fool,
But I challenged that heathen to a duel.
But he lacked the common courtesy,
To even take a shot at me!
Now there's a celebration,
As people express their adulation.
For now the man who wasn't there,
Never plagues the county Fair.

PS: I have no talent when it comes to working with mentally ill people. To the man in our poem the imaginary opponent is real. To you or me he is arguing and dueling with no one. When I encounter a person with an over inflated opinion of himself I can't help but wonder what imaginary accomplishments he lauds himself for. Perhaps he has just written his first book? 

Rev J Scott Martin PE
Kentucky Born Author of
“Lost and Found in Chirripo”
Has lived in Harlan and Johnson Counties of Kentucky and currently resides in Lexington

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